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The seemingly endless expanse of frontier waiting to be conquered has pressed itself deep into the collective conscience of America. The vastness of our country spread out on the horizon implied an everlasting supply of parcels of land, a tract for each family, a yard, a house, freedom, privacy, and separation. My work explores the social constructs and territorial contracts that delineate this terrestrial and psychological space.

I wonder what is left of the frontier: what remains of the wondrous unknown, and the spirit of adventure and exploration that was once so intrinsic to this land of ours? We have conquered the frontier, a little for adventure, but more so we can close ourselves off in our own tiny worlds. My “trophyscape” sculptures explore the prototypical American Dream as manifested in the suburban ranch home. These works question a culture that imposes endless swaths of manicured grass on the once-wild landscape, while spending most of its time inside watching television.

Boundary Line
Boundary Line
porcelain, fake turf