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Suburban Lawn Iteration V
Suburban Lawn Iteration V
10' x 19' 4"' x 2.5"

Suburban Lawn Iteration is an obsessive installation that investigates the lawn in its dual function as both "natural" space and cultural signifier. The repetitive labor involved in the creation of the 75,000 blades of porcelain grass mirrors the suburban obsession with creating the perfect lawn. On one hand, this work speaks to the American dream, the idea that through education and hard work one can achieve upward mobility, which is epitomized by home ownership, perfect landscaping, and participation in consumer culture. On the other hand, the installation evokes memories of one’s own personal outdoor domain, childhood games, and the delicious tactile sensations of freshly cut grass. The extreme fragility of the porcelain speaks to the tenuous nature of our attempts to control the spaces around us, the compulsion to strive for an idealized domestic environment, and the romanticizing nature of memory.