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This floor-based installation that investigates the lawn in its dual nature as "natural" space and cultural signifier. The work consists of variable plots of porcelain sod, containing densely packed hand-made blades of grass. This obsessive nature of this work mirrors the suburban obsession with creating the perfect lawn, a cultural ideal that isn't as green as it seems.

In a city that covers over 620 square miles, expansive, green lawns are part of the suburban vernacular, and one third of the average household's water usage is for landscaping. Yet, Houston has an average of 99 days a year over 90 degrees and is known for its extensive use of air conditioning. Is anyone even outside enjoying the lawn, or is it all for show? The fragility of the material, as well as the repetitive nature of the forms, helps to convey this idea.

Grass detail
8' x 15' x 2.5"