Grass detail

Short Artist Talk about my porcelain grass projects:

The word landscape refers to the visible features of an area of land: physical elements of terrain and land formations; ground cover and vegetation; human-made buildings and structures; and the transitory elements of light and weather.

Furthermore, landscape encompasses the integration of both natural and cultural elements, for the existence of landscape is predicated on either humankind’s appreciation or manipulation of the natural world. My work expands on these concepts of landscape as manifestations of metaphorical, terrestrial, emotional, and psychological space.

My installations are reliquaries of time and labor, populated by a proliferation of repeated forms, ranging from the natural to the artificial. The toil involved in the manufacture of these repetitive pieces mirrors the tedium of shaping and cultivating the landscape. The delicacy of my repeated porcelain pieces tends to arouse curiosity to the point of endangerment, and occasionally destruction. Breakage and repair have become part of the labor of maintaining much of the work.

Porcelain functions as my primary material because of its beauty, delicacy, and malleability, as well as its myriad historical associations. However, my work incorporates a diverse range of other materials, taking into account both their cultural associations and their sensory qualities. The resulting installations defamiliarize common landscapes to create uncanny and evocative environments.